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Originally Posted by mollymag4 View Post
David McGowan's Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon does much to show what was really going on during this time period (60s). All manufactured by the ptb.
Poor Dave..... came out of nowhere with that series and he blew his own mind by uncovering things he didn't set out to find.... and it just kept going... and going.... Crowley also resided in Laurel Canyon in the 1920's. Former First Lady Barbara Bush's mom was one of Crowley's women and there's a big rumor that Ms Bush is Crowley's daughter.

Laurel Canyon was a huge military installation. They made propaganda and fake war films there in the 30's and 40's. It's really sad when these things come out. But we need to know, we have to free our minds from the excessive controls they've placed on us. Music should never be used against us as a tool of control, it's not fair.
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