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Originally Posted by techman View Post
There is a big difference between the use of doubles and someone that actually isnt the person that they are supposed to be but looks almost exactly like that person, someone either a clone or a twin. Whoever Faul is (let's just say he isnt the real Paul), then he must be an identical looking or duplicate of that persons he's pretending to be. Can any plastic surgery make a person look identical to someone else?. I tried putting the theory of a c!one or twin of Paul across to Mark Devlin, but the reply I got back seem to suggest that he doesnt believe in that theory and seemed adamant that William Shepard was, in simply terms, made to look like the real Paul.
That's because folks have seen that there was a different McCartney, and can't let it go. PID is out there and it's not true, but there are enough elements of doubt to really hook some people. Some folks snap their minds around something and won't consider any other options. PID is a sidetrack to the fact that the Beatles were part of a massive mind control experiment, as were the Beach Boys. Both were on EMI, which was of course part of the military machine in WW2.... Both were used as an outlet for sonic manipulation, and oh, here's some of that pure, CIA LSD to really imprint on you what we want.

It sucks, but that's the way it is. Oh and fuck McCartney he's a real POS. Crowley is NOTHING to hang your hat on. A charlatan, mentally ill, MI5 agent and freemason who they gave some ancient, arcane knowledge to see what he could do with it. He was a smart man, but so flawed that it didn't matter.

The Beatles introduced him and that philosophy to a whole group of teenagers, as was the plan all along. The Beatles were the first to use the hand over the eye, horns, all that shit. The Beatles were like a Ground Zero moment as to when the Intelligence agencies took over entertainment companies. Jay Z and all those clowns are still pushing Baphomet and Crowley..... it's tired and done. The fucking goat....
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