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I was watching a PiD comparison video on YouTube, looking at the comparison of alleged Paul and Faul appearances during media interviews. The clips are familiar with PiDers as the ones which strongly point to evidence; the interview with the four in 66 in the U.S with "Paul" and John explaining their remark about Jesus. The other clips show earlier footage from 64 (I think) about their response from Americans. Whilst I was watching this something made me think, and this was with the interview of them in the U.S in 1966 (allegedly before Paul was switched and/or taken out). Comparing the earlier 64 interviews of Paul with the 66 video, I got the feeling they were two different people. PiDers claim any footage of Paul pre the 66 date is Paul, but I think the person in the 66 video (the one where Lennon is wearing sunglasses and where they're in an echoed room) is the same person as in the news interview with Paul/Faul in 1967 discussing his use of drugs.

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