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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
Look it's like Gilad Atsmon says to jewish people: ''look in the mirror; ask yourself why these things have happened''

So if you go back to the times of Napoleon he passed decrees re the ashkenazis which the tzar of that time disagreed with

So the problems between the tzars of russia and the ashkenazis go back befroe Nicholas

Nicolas didn't just decide to be a dick to the ashkenazis

You have to ask why these tensions existed and to over simplify it down to 'anti-semitism' is to shut down any exploration of what was really going on

For example did the tzar have reason to distrust the ashkenazi community? Where there elements within the ashkenazi community who were conspiring against the regime for example?
Minorities have always been persecuted amongst majority populations, and this has nothing to do with Jews. Minorities don't have to "act out against" or be "radical" for them to be persecuted by a majority. It just tends to happen very often historically. I agree it may be an oversimplification to blame it on anti-Semitism (I don't even like that word tbh) But it is also an oversimplification to blame it on "radical" and "conspiring" jews. The Tsars were all different throughout history, there were more moderate ones, and more tyrannical ones. They were all elitists however, all promoted themselves as above the "commoners" or even "goyim" you could say. They exploited their masses to build up disgusting amounts of wealth while the masses suffered. It isn't really surprising why any group of people would want to "conspire" against them.

No it's not neo-nazi propaganda! lol
It absolutely is. THe focus on the USSR as some sort of "Jewish conspiracy" When the Jewish bankers and other elites were running the British Empire, the US, and even Nazi Germany is propaganda. If somebody really wanted to expose the root of Jewish banking families, the USSR would be the last place to look. Of course Hitler had all his focus on the USSR, but wanted peace with the British and Americans. He admired the British and AMericans (who were actually conspirign with the elite Jews) yet ignored this and created fear and hysteria over the USSR, because ultimately he was a puppet of the West

Listen....trotsky DID go to new york

trotsky DID get help from B'Nai Brith (which i would call a masonic order)
Nobody is denying that. The elites giving ONE guy, money does not equate to them "funding" or even controlling the Bolsheviks. Especially when the guy was exposed to be an infiltrator who was hunted down and killed. Nor does one Jewish guy getting money make the USSR a "jewish operation". This is what is called taking an inch of truth and making illogical conclusions from it.

Trotsky DID receive help from ashkenazi bankers who wanted to 'liberalise' the markets of russia
Sure. Key word "wanted to liberalise markets of Russia" Fact is that it never happened. They were not "liberalised" until the fall of the USSR in 1989. Trotsky failed to do whatever the elites wanted him to do. He was killed well before WW2.

Bolshevism was therefore a tool of the banksters in the same way that ISIS is
Absolutely not. A dead Trotsky and many other infiltrators is all the evidence needed that the banksters did NOT succeed in what they were trying to achieve. Not a hard concept man.

There was a split in bolshevism. different commentators have different views on the level of continuity of ashkenazi power upto the fall of the USSR

Kerry Bolton would argue that Stalin threw a spanner in the works of the ashkenazi bankers
I would tend to agree with Kerry Bolton then. Stalin was murdered by the west no doubt about it. He exposed some of their Jewish assets in the Drs. Plot shortly before he himself mysteriously died.

i'm not a white supremicist so careful with those terms
You mean the same way you throw around terms like "cultural Marxists" ? You may very well not be a white supremacist, but that does not mean you do not fall victim to or agree with their propaganda. You've shown yourself very compatible to their way of thinking.

I don't think there is a 'white supremacy'. I think the ashkenazis control our economy and the 'crown' along with other bloodlines that have woven their way across europe from babylon
Well you clearly are not informed about world history then. The Ashkenazi's are an ethnic group within the "white race". Thought we already established that. To top it off Ashkenazis do not control everything, again you are giving them way too much credit, which is more Neo Nazi propaganda.

I'm not here to defend hitler so that is a strawman argument
Just pointing out who the real killer of Slavic Russian is.

The bolsheviks were led by ashkenazis funded and supported by the ashkenazis bankers ('illuminati') who wanted to exploit russian markets
Total simplification and generalization. There were Ashkenazis amongst the Bolsheviks, many of them purged. Russian markets were never exploited under the USSR. Try again.

I'm not here to defend the church so that is a strawman agrument
Did you not bring up the topic of Secularism and materialism ? Just giving you context. You don't seem to like proper context of anything. Why is that ?

It's not because of the hypocrisy it's because they deny god
So you have now claimed to know what every single Liberal person thinks, and why. Do you have any more preposterous claims ?

Not all of them

The ashkenazis gained a lot of power much later in russia as the oligarchs carved the country up
Yes that was after the fall of the USSR. Are you really that clueless ?

Some would argue that Lenin had ashkenazi roots
They can argue all they want, what relevance does it have ? Doesn't change the fact that he was backed by the German empire to help bring down the Tsar to relieve the Germans from the Eastern front. Which is exactly what he did. If he was really working for the Western bankers, I think he would not have done that, but continued the war.

Hitler was backed by occultists with ties to the occultists in the US for example the bush family so once again they have their fingerprints on the situation
The main reason the West backed Hitler is because they knew he was crazy enough to do their dirtywork and to attack the USSR for them. They were right. Hitler is much more like ISIS than the similarities you tried to link between them and the USSR.

'real opposition'? The muslim brotherhood?
No I'm not talking about the muslim brotherhood. There were many people who hated Mubarak who were not MB. The elections were manipulated and popularist candidates were marginalized. The same people who brought down Mubarak also helped bring down MB. Egyptian just keep getting screwed.

Hmmm...i think that situation is a little more murky then you would make it out to be
Well basically they are trying to infiltrate and control all opposition groups, doesn't mean they are always successful. Often they are.

well there you go....all the more reason that ashkenazis should wake upto the zionist deception

But in the same way Ashkenazi's are being deceived, so are the White supremacists who love to flood this forum with their propaganda.
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