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America's crack-cocaine epidemic created by the CIA
Jamie Busby (Staff Author)
1 hour ago

"Authentic journalism is telling people something that the government doesn't want them to know."

The quote above is by Gary Webb, an acclaimed Pulitzer prize-winning investigative journalist who lifted the lid on the Iran-Contra affair and the CIA's heavy involvement in the large scale importation of cocaine. The funds generated were used to fund the side they chose to back during the war in Nicaragua.

In 1996, Webb wrote a 3-part series called "Dark Alliance". These articles exposed the links between a Los Angeles drug dealer called "Freeway" Ricky Ross, the CIA and the Contras. The CIA were funding the Contra rebels via the sale of vast quantities of cocaine at a time when certain people had learnt how to produce crack-cocaine, the highly addictive and most evil form of the narcotic. This led to a drug-fuelled disaster in the inner-cities of America.

Webb's articles first linked CIA drug trafficking to the crack-cocaine plague that swept through the ghettos of Los Angeles. Webb had discovered that the cocaine being brought into these areas all came from one source. This source, Ricky Ross, was being unwittingly used to fund the guerrilla war in Nicaragua. Where was Ross buying his cocaine? From the CIA via one of their assets and middle-men called Danilo Blandon.

In 1987 at the Kerry Committee hearings, the CIA were exposed as running a drugs-for-arms enterprise. Nicaragua would give the CIA huge amounts of cocaine in exchange for weapons for use by the Contra rebels. They were trying to overthrow their regime and of course, this just happened to suit America or obviously they wouldn't have lifted a finger...

Webb soon found that the Mainstream Media (MSM) had never had to deal with something as outrageous as this before. The CIA dealing drugs wholesale to fund a war? It was unprecedented and hard to swallow. People from across the social spectrum, from the black community to politicians to the CIA themselves were left in shock at these revelations.

It was a huge scandal and showed corruption at a level that was difficult for many to believe. Yet it was widely well-received by the MSM initially and caused mayhem in political circles; they wanted to get to the bottom of this madness. This issue became THE focal point in American news at the time and everyone wanted to know more.

However, there was literally no reaction from the US government. This was strategic of course, Webb himself realised that nobody would believe them if they chose to tell the people that they were not involved. The proof that had been gathered was overwhelming, they were not going to talk their way out of this one easily. So they chose to say nothing.

Instead, the government used their media contacts, on the sly of course. The Washington Post published an article, at the behest of the government, that basically played down all the links between the CIA, Ross and the Contras. They also rejected the legitimacy of Webb's investigations. The Los Angeles Times was to run similar stories.

Webb's articles were first published in the San Jose Mercury News in 1996. At first, they stood behind him against the fierce backlash from the "owned" MSM outlets who tried to discredit everything Webb had written and where he had acquired his evidence and information. But the story was out, it spread like wildfire and could not be contained by the Deep State, mainly due to the rise of the all pervasive Internet.

However, in time and under incredible pressure from the MSM, the Mercury News eventually pulled the plug on Webb's work. They not only refused to support Webb's work anymore but actually went as far as printing a public apology for publishing his articles in the first place. If only they'd had someone with a metaphorical pair of balls on the editing team.

This was cause for huge celebration amongst the MSM as they had won. Not only that, they had pressured a newspaper into ditching a major story that just happened to be TRUE! They had performed their duties admirably for their puppet masters by oppressing and rubbishing the information. What good little puppets...

However, contrary to what his former news outlet had done with their cowardly about-turn, Gary Webb was a different kettle of fish altogether. He was not going to let this lie. Webb found himself at loggerheads with his editors; he refused to apologise or back away despite all the pressure they heaped on him. In the end, Webb resigned from the Mercury News and set about writing a book that told of both the scandal AND his experiences in trying to bring this corruption out into the open.

Tragically, this was not to end well for Gary Webb. He had gone head to head with the Deep State. One man against an entire corrupt system that served their lethal psychopathic rulers.
Gary Webb paid with his life. In 2004, he was found dead and it was recorded as a suicide; from 2 gunshots to the back of the head... There was uproar about how on earth someone commits suicide with TWO gunshots to the head.

Coroner Robert Lyons ruled that Webb had committed suicide. Reporters were more than a little bit sceptical and when Lyons was was asked about the ruling, he stated "It's unusual in a suicide case to have two shots, but it has been done in the past, and it is in fact a distinct possibility." One need only ask the Clintons to discover that suicide victims can often have multiple gunshot wounds...

What an absolute load of shit.

Am I going out on a limb here by saying that he was assassinated by the CIA for writing "Dark Alliance"? I think not. Webb's ex-wife, emphasis on the "EX", told the media that he had been unhappy for a long time, pretty normal considering what he had gone through.

I firmly believe that she was an ex-wife for a reason and would not have known his mental state in any great depth. No; I propose that he was executed by killers unknown. All for revealing what turned out to be the TRUTH. I also propose that there may well have been a nice payoff for the thoughts of the former Mrs. Webb on the matter.

This is standard operating procedure for the Deep State and in particular America; if anyone rocks their enormous boat too much then they're easily gotten rid of. It's happened many times before, some confirmed and some still speculation waiting to be revealed. Seth Rich anyone?... It will continue to happen while this New World Order system holds the power. The real power possessed by the shadow governments of America and all others involved in where "they" want to take us.

We cannot go wherever that is. The truth must be exposed at all costs, nothing is more important. Right now, we live on the tip of an iceberg and think we can see the big picture. In reality, we can see almost nothing of what truly makes this world go round.

Happy new year to all our readers from around the world.

RIP Gary Webb; 1945 - 2004
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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