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Originally Posted by stipey View Post
The RM has been clearing these bases for years and most of them don't exist anymore. There are only a few left, most of the aliens on this planet are gone.
I would agree with this ...

The Secret Space Program now has technology on a par with most ET races , the cabal have had fairly tight control of Earth's airspace for over a decade .

Those ET's who are here underground either have an agreement with the cabal , or keep their heads well down , or have inter-dimensional advanced tech and so can evade the cabal's SSP ..

But that would still leave dozens of groups here of all types and dispositions.

Some ET's can merge in and mix with humans they look so like us , or are shape shifters ...Alex Collier said recently the 5G network is to drive these ETs out of cities. They are reportedly more sensitive to 5G than we are .

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