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Originally Posted by the apprentice View Post
It also depends upon the species of trees, like I mentioned earlier, pines burn more redily and others don't, bushes are also lower so could escape much of the direct radiance.
When these fires were burning the heat rises above the point of inferno, and only veers from its path if the winds are stronger than the heat plume that is pulling upwards.

It is nigh on impossible to work out exactly how and which direction the breeze was flowing on the day without being on the ground observing it directly, so a more detailed picture is not really possible.

Did the wind actually protect the house left untouched, most likely as the visual evidence shows.

What is needed to complete the data is a physical walk through of that area to see which trees are now dead or dying from the heat, these things have delay periods, some will recover from scorching some won't.

Would I trust those who make these videos, absolutely not.
What about the vehicle and the house both totally burned out and the tree in the middle is still green and leafy???
Which type of tree can resist those temps?
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