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Originally Posted by the apprentice View Post
I have covered this subjet in some depth before on the 9-11 model where cars were toasted on the ill fated day.
As a former RAC breakdown mechanic I have attended car fire scenes after the fire dept had put them out, sometimes as they were just packing up to leave.
First lets deal with the California fires and pictures you have added here, see the pickup truck with the US flag added at a later date, if you notice the rear tail gate still has its paint, the front of it was facing the house that was, here is a perfect example of the flames not reaching the rear section.

Modern vehilcles have an engine compartment full of highly combustable materials, brake fluid being one of them, they are also hermatically sealed, IE, they have sealed belly pans or covers to keep out the road moisture and dirt, infact many today never have this cover removed during servicing due to the engine oil being sucked out through the dipstick.
This creates an oven effect that readily melts an entire engine made from aluminium and magnesium, I have seen the engines left with only metal crankshaft and camshafts before.
I thought the heat was so fierce that it set surrounding houses and vehicles alight just like a standard forest/wild fire?
Its burned the tires right off to the metal rims..are you sure there wasnt enough heat to burn the paintwork on the back from the official narrative?

In the opening clip of this video there are unburned tree's with green leaves on all 4 sides of the gutted building..
can someone please explain to me how wild fires can travel to burn out a building, yet the tree's are alive and well on each side of the burned building
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