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Originally Posted by the nine View Post
this is decent, like someone said earlier in the thread, those properties were marked for removal according to this video
Sorry still don't buy their energy beam model and conjecture that toasted all of the buildings, these fires were self fuelled, a laser could start fires like a beam of sunlight from a magnifying glass, but not used to create the fire cell that surrounds anything with combustible materials.

In the film it shows lots of short snippets of superstructures like wall before and after, cars burnt etc.

What it doesn't show in the video's is the areas immediately below where the stone walls were standing, if they did you would see the stones in a pile where they once stood. Modern homes are built in such a way as the framework and the hard standing hold everything together, older houses here in the UK can completely burn out leaving a shell that can then be rebuilt afterwards, not modern homes which are completely gone afterwards.

If this was such an intense heat then why are cars still in their original shape, if the heat was so intense they would be molten blobs on the sidewalk where they were parked, after all thin metal sheets burn and melt much faster than solid lumps of steel, ask anyone who runs melting furnesses.

To see laser beams in the sky the onlooker would have to be directly in line with the beam of light itself, in the right place at the right time.

Again, these narrators and their well placed short views of items is enough to pull the wool over most peoples eyes, this is expert programming via MSM.

If you look at the inventory of a dwelling you will see that it is full of highly combustible materials, timber, plastics all of which will melt thin metal, glass and even aluminium with ease, same goes for cars which are also full of fuel or gas as the US call it.

Energy weapons did not torch all of these dwellings, fire walls did, you can see the wind driving the fires as it rushes up the valley and over the ridges like a tornado, normal physics, huge lines of red hod sparks along with it, that can enter the smallest of gaps.

They keep showing the same large trees burning from the inside, these trees were old growth pines and were probably already growing hollow which is a common phenomenon in pine tree species of this size, please folks use your common too.

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