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The refugee crisis was created by jewish intellectuals at the beginning but the Rothschild rabbinical billionaire jewish family has recently admitted to being the true leader of it as they are with anything jewish. They are the self admitted king of the jews that control most of the Federal Reserve along with the oppenheimers, warburgs, etc. Macron was elected because Rothschild has such a strong influence in France and Macron was selected to keep the immigration agenda afloat in France as the refugee crisis is only another way to weaken the goyim (non-jew) so that the Shekel/Money can be obtained through easier and more open methods. This is what the Torah commands to do, obtain Moloch/money at no matter the cost, no matter if it be an illegal or legal method. How do refugees weaken a nation? Most are Somalis from Africa, along with race mixing propaganda which has been promoted by jewish intellectuals for a century, extremist Muslims that want to institute Sharia Law keep us distracted from solving all of the problems we had before these terrorists came into our countries. So it weakens the nations in both of those ways very thoroughly.
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