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Originally Posted by da2255 View Post
When they've graduated most likely they'll be fast-tracked into influential positions where they'll be expected to exclusively promote the interests of black people even more.
A bit like those Rhodes scholarships where you already are someone just because you got the scholarship.
The situation in south africa seems to be descending towards conflict and it seems all the talk of 'peace and reconciliation' has evaporated

While we have been told to be colour blind in the west it seems that other forces have been at work building a race consciousness and while advocates of 'multi-culturalism' appeal to peoples sense of fairplay I'm beginning to wonder if that same fairplay would be applied if the demographic tables are turned...

No doubt they would argue that the answer would be an all powerful STATE that could ensure that there was no persecution of white minorities but that just plays right into the hands of the NWO technocrats who will no doubt make the same argument
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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