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Originally Posted by tinfoil hat View Post
This is why I got rid of my Telly, I was getting sick of seeing criteria for white genocide on most adverts never mind films, so I trashed it.

Cant understand how those that say they care haven't followed suit.

Gotta fight it however I can, and funding it has to stop.
Life will be harder tho.
The social engineering is relentless

how can folk on the left not see that all this stuff is coming from mega-corporations and from government?

Since when did the left support those things?

Its like brexit....can people not see how the BBC is totally biased AGAINST brexit and the BBC is the government TV channel

Those guys are the guys behind the banking crisis con that caused the 'austerity', they're behind the wars around the world and the exploitation of natural resources that are leading to a polluted planet; they're the guys behind the neoliberal policies that are causing the inequality in society and they're behind all the false flag terror attacks

They're behind the satanic pedophilia and they harboured the likes of jimmy saville

can people not see all this and then ask themselves what / who it is they are supporting?
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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