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Originally Posted by polyhedron View Post
Liberalism might have lost but the NWO?
This is the exact point I have been making.

Too many Robots in the alt media have been programmed to believe the NWO is some big "Liberal conspiracy" NWO to them is basically synonymous with "the left" and "liberals"

This is why you see so many Robots saying the stupidest things like. "Trump is anti-NWO"

The NWO is not "the left"

In fact "Liberalism/Progressivism" has intentionally been set up by the elites to be the fall guy, or the pretext to bring in a much more oppresive form of the NWO through Fascism.

This was exactly what they did with Hitler, and exactly what they have done with Trump.

Does anybody not learn from history anymore ? Are people that braindead ?
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