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Originally Posted by elpressiedente View Post
Its my opinion he blew a fuse over not coming to grips with the impossibility that the photos taken on the moon are as real as NASA says when its physically impossible to preform all the buggy functions and take photos too, leaving one to consider ALL NASA media releases to be nothing but LIES.

how they can collect all them rocks and drill for samples and jump around and moon buggy it all over, all the while taking the following number of Photographs...

Apollo photo every 15 seconds
Apollo photo every 27 seconds
Apollo photo every 62 seconds
Apollo photo every 44 seconds
Apollo photo every 29 seconds
Apollo photo every 26 seconds

coupled with the fact that the Mars rovers mysteriously got the solar panels cleaned and he had trouble with supporting the NASA line of "atmospheric disturbance" which dirties not cleans panels..

His name calling got the better of him too.

But he will be back tomorrow to refute these conclusions so stay tuned...
I actually am nauseated by this user's inability to respond to debate.

Owned...absolutely owned....


a) Apollo 11 figure of 15 seconds is ridiculously wrong. It is 90 seconds.
b) I just advised you that the figures quoted for the other 5 missions make a dumb error as there are 2 cameras - so the 5 figures need to be doubled before we even start.
c) I just proved that there are dozens of magazines that have very fast sequenced images.
d) I just proved that there were half a dozen magazines where exposures were taken every few seconds during EVA transits!
e) Your claim fails to acknowledge the number of panoramas also taken very quickly.
f) I just proved that the figures for total pictures against EVA time are inaccurate as they ignore the time and number of pictures taken inside the LM
g) I advised you that the entire EVA is logged by timestamp with each picture showing when and where it was taken.
h) I gave you a link to thumbnails showing hundreds and hundreds of badly framed pictures. Hundreds over exposed and with The Sun washing out the image.

The whole thing is perfectly accounted for.
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