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But is she wrong saturn010. I think you may find she is a friend an, not a alliy. An is her statement harsh but true. an not different from what you fight for. hhhhmmmmm. merely just a more female point of view base whole on her experience with the world.

forggety was clear they plan to wait till the AO is dead. before they head back to there old ways.

Which less face it. after Death the AO becomes him self. n no longer restricted by a mortal coil. Kinda why i am not dead. An that when these people disside make there big come back. Pretty dumb to try make your big come back. while the AO is at full power. some didn't think throw there plan

how do you think they intend on making this great come back

Plus 'acceptance' and 'tolerance' is something parasites and scum hide behind.

Well soon they will have nowhere to hide and will be revealed for what they are. I feel sorry for those whom have been harbouring so closely these parasites, they will feel pretty bad and guilty. Hopefully our love will stop them from hating on themselves too much

Plus 'acceptance' and 'tolerance' is something parasites and scum hide behind.

Is that not what really happens. Isn't this the reason we have Russian Kiddy porn in the software industery
tell your kids
its ok to fuck mommy or daddy or hit a gamgbang brothle. Is that Old Euro mentally.

isnt this how a wommen ASS HOLE became ART. Is not really because some rich **** wanted to ass fuck each of us

is it not the very thing that help you all to forget again...
these shits are elected to disarm.
Plus 'acceptance' and 'tolerance' is something parasites and scum hide behind.

isn't it these word they rely on to keep u comm while Nasi try to attack us.

wasn't it these words use to progate terrorism. We have to be politically correct. aaahhhhhhhhh go fuck yourselfs

Food for thought saturn010

The Boondock Saints 2 - The dream scene with Rocco

It only means she had identified a problem. Which i was aware of. which mean we have to watch n remove those player's from the game board.

The Boondock Saints Final Courtroom Speech

When the law fails us we become the law an trail by witness begins. That human nature. Eteams only recore. is to brand them as Criminal

my opinion has never changed loops another loop to a noose. See I think she describing the Mattrix time loop. We talking about.
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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