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Originally Posted by abrilliantone View Post
I've always been skeptical of that guy, don't trust the other conspiracy theorists. But you can trust me type of attitude never sat well with me. Especially seeing that he's saying the exact same things.
Originally Posted by abrilliantone View Post

But like with all conspiracy theorists. I take what I agree with and disregard the things that I don't.

i spoke with Alan, he will be back.
rbn is going another direction.

he has new material up now on web site, and will continue to update.

he told me he is working on some things, but also is going to enjoy the time away.
which is a good thing. too much bad will make one feel

anyways as to what you said, in bold.

as Alan stated he never sold you or anyone anything, just stated facts, which many are written in books...lead people to the information that is there, just not spoken about.
of course it sounded like a broken record, but there was no bullshit or fear added to the ingredients. you can lead a horse to water, then its up to the horse.

Watt is one of the good one's
hence the reason why RBN is going another route.
as this roller coaster of shit becomes more and more apparent to the general public, and people like Watt become made aware of.
they are cut off.

now when you see other researchers/truth tellers still going...its because there buying and selling !!!

and that's the truth !!
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