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Originally Posted by blackyblue View Post
Why does everyone blame the Illuminati when The Crown own everything in England?

The Bank Of England is Crown owned
Armed Forces, Crown owned
Her Majesties Government, Crown owned.
Church Of England, Crown owned.
England, Crown owned
etc etc etc

How much more proof do you require that it is the Crown that are behind it?
The Illuminati and The Crown want similar things. The Crown, since the roots of Government, were against government.
I would imagine they still are as they would see Government bodies not under their direct control, in the way HMG is, as a direct threat to them.
The Illuminati are also said to be against government.

Do you not feel you are merely allowing The Crown to get away with such blatant ownership by pointing blame elsewhere?
In royalty and the government are found the Illuminati also, for they are a group of human beings who want to manipulate all Government and religious ownership.

Royalty itself was a position of creating their own Church against the Roman Catholic pursuit of world ownership. Secret religious orders and secret religious ceremony has always involved the religious hierarchy.

The NWOrder is not about who is in its membership, it is about causing uprising and infighting within all establishments worldwide, for the pursuit of maintaining control of the money markets.

Causing disputes regarding the definition of Royalty is simply another one of their ploys, trying to cause infighting in the English Government so they introduce information to gain public anger.

Just think about the real purpose of the NWOrder, instead of trying to relate their presence to the Illuminati. They were never the Illuminati, as the Illuminati left England to go to America for they no longer had religious control via the Roman Catholic link.

Why don't you observe the real situation of these human deceivers?
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