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Originally Posted by tildatod View Post
Phreaky, why would you think naivety? She was raised in the USA.
Well firstly "she". She would have been in a society that would have most likely have shielded her from many of the harsh realities of the former slave trade. She lived in New York, far away from the South and cotton fields where mass use and abuse of slaves took place.

Fair enough there were the New York draft riot only a few years before she was born, but this was not the time where access to information would have been that easy. Also those riots were a bit of a blot on the history of the city and possibly not talked about in "polite company".

Slavery in New York had been abolished and the last slaves set free long before her birth. So given her surroundings it's not unreasonable to think that she naively thought blacks were relatively well treated.

Originally Posted by tildatod View Post
You really think that someone who decided to write/draw ugly black 'dolls' inspired by the minstrels who took the piss out of blacks, was not aware that it was wrong? Where's the matching grotesque images of whites then?
Yes I do. If she wanted to be malicious then the Gollywogg wouldn't have been a friendly character. She would have shown what she considered the base characteristics of a brute.
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