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Originally Posted by bertl View Post
No it is not.

Because the Moon's orbit around Earth isn't completely circular, the exact angular size of the Moon varies over the time span of a month. On top of that, Earth's orbit around the sun isn't completely circular either, and the angular size of the sun in our sky depends on when in the year you are.

This is when we get phenomena like annular eclipses, where a slightly smaller looking Moon crosses the Sun in our sky and doesn't quite manage to cover it.

The Wikipedia article on solar eclipses has a pretty in depth explanation of why there are different types of solar eclipses.

Again, nope. What's so satanic about a solar eclipse? It's just the view of the sun being obscured by another body. Here's the thing happening on Jupiter:
Yes it is, they are approximately the same size when viewed from earth.

Read Human race get off your knees. The moon blocks out the totality of the positive energy of the sun so that we decode reality with the five senses and it hooks us to the reptilian brain. I was speaking in a broad sense but that is pretty satanic in my opinion.
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