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I think the hollowed out planetoid theory is compelling.

When you think about it the so called 'coincidences' surrounding the moon are compelling. It is the exact size in the sky as the sun when viewed from the earth and lines up to exactly cover up the sun during a solar eclipse. The sun is supposed to be the source of all light/ energy to the earth; only on earth we get this weird kind of satanic ritual where it is covered up by the moon.
Also there are all the ancient folk tales surrounding the moon and how it affects behaviour, 'werewolves' etc, I have always thought that there was more to these stories even before I heard Icke's theory. Scientists say that before we were surrounded by unnatural light sources women used to menstruate with the cycles of the moon thus it clearly affects human behaviour. Perhaps it is that the truth is so far from what we are led to believe that it is difficult to comprehend even when we are given compelling evidence that the mainstream view is wrong.

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