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Lightbulb Second Coming

You, are becoming Gods. There's a new master of creation, and it's you! Unraveled DNA, and at the same time you're cultivating bacteria strong enough to kill every living thing! Do you think you are ready for that much power? You lot? You lot? Cheeky bastards. You're running around science like kids with guns, creating a new world, while the world you've got is stinking, but, hands up, hands up anyone who thinks you've got it right. Yeah, there's always one. I can see you. If you want the position of God then take the responsibility.

The Second Coming - Part 4/16

He also says that Christians shouldn't boast about being right, then reveals that currently Heaven is empty, while Hell is bursting to the seams. There is much hysteria and panic; particularly when The Devil and several demons possess people (only indicated by silver eyes) to cause trouble.

During the next few days, Steve miraculously survives several attempts made on his life, including a bomb going off in a pub he's in. The devil and his demons also attempt to turn his father Frank against him, getting him hooked on drugs and alcohol and convincing him that he is now a joke in the public's eyes (one deleted scene saw him watching Bernard Manning on TV making jokes at his expense).

Russell T Davies, OBE, (born Stephen Russell Davies, 27 April 1963) is a Welsh television producer and screenwriter whose works include Queer as Folk, Bob & Rose, The Second Coming, Casanova, and the 2005 revival of the classic British science fiction series Doctor Who.

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