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Default Tony Blair is the Messiah

I know your going to find this peculiar to say the least, but Tony Blair really is the messiah Jesus Christ re-incarnated.

I have come to the conclusion after many hours, days, months and years studying Tony Blair, remote viewing him, reading into his message, listening to his speeches, that he is hiding a magnificent secret from the world.

Did you know that the messiah Tony Blair is a magician with skill comparable to God? Its true he really does. What's more he uses his magical abilities everyday in secret in ways that would leave us breathless.

Did you know that the messiah Tony Blair actually knew that the 911 and 77 terrorist attacks were going to happen and took steps to compromise those deepest involved in the conspiracies? It really is true he is a God send.

Holy, holy, holy are thou Tony Blair, he who is on a mission to save Christians from the curse of Zion and Mohamadeism. Blessed is he who walks the path of righteousness.

We love you Tony!
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