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Default On the King of all the World (Hiram Abiff)

Originally Posted by truth01 View Post
Jesus was a Rabbi but was not a Freemason nor was he ever the son of God like the creators of Catholicism have always proclaimed. He was a simple man who believed in Good and doing the right thing and proclaimed himself as the Son of Man as we all are, nothing more
How do you know that he was a rabbi and not a mason or that he even existed ?

Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs >>> Interview Pt 1 (rapunzels favourite )

The biblical Abraham and Jacob were pharaohs of Egypt.

The Israelites were not shepherds, but the Hyksos Shepherd pharaohs.

The dispute that caused the Biblical Exodus.

Jesus married his sister, Mary Magdelene.

Jesus, governor of Tiberias, leader of 600 rebel 'fishermen'.

Jesus followed the traditional astrology of the Egyptians,

... he was born a Lamb of God (Aries) and died a fisher of men (Pisces).

Saul discovered in the historical record.

Originally Posted by luciferhorus View Post
On the King of all the World and the Genetic and Esoteric roots of Freemasonry

Aeon of Light 2009

On the ‘DaVinci Code’

Michael Baigent, the editor of Freemasonry Today, unsuccessfully sued Dan Brown in the British courts for copying the central theme of his book 'Holy Blood and the Holy Grail; a central theme of which is that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and begat a lineage which has been hidden behind various secret societies. While Baigent's book is not fiction, it is certainly relies on 'conspiracy theories' rather than historical evidence.


One of the weaknesses of this entire 'lineage' theory is that Jesus, the alleged son of a Sadducee (i.e., Zechariah), according to the Gospels, was executed at the request of the Sadducees, who placed a reward on Jesus for his arrest. The Sadducees 'were' the Solomonic temple priesthood of that age, just as Freemasonry today represents the Solomonic temple priesthood; wherever you go in the world it is the Freemasons who have a habit of building temples whose inner sanctum is always a copy of Solomon's temple, and they are clearly a Kabbalist cult of ritual magicians whose belief system stems from the ancient Israelites and the Egyptians

Anachronism (out of historical context).

It is a rather strange theory that having placed a reward for Jesus' arrest, that the Solomonic Temple priesthood would construct a religious cult around the lineage of Jesus. In addition to this, bear in mind that Jesus clearly despised the Sadducees and frequently cursed them. Thus the idea that modern Solomonic temple ritualism has within it the lineage of Jesus is clearly anachronistic revisionism. It is as if a cult whose forefathers were responsible for the execution of a martyr claimed to represent the martyr; this is not unknown however, since today for example Joan of Arc (whom the Catholics executed for witchcraft) is a Catholic saint.

Anti-thesis (opposite idea).

If one considers what Freemasonry today represents, they represent the economic and religious establishment, and yet Jesus is depicted as being an enemy of the economic and religious establishment of his age; the Masonic agenda is quite the opposite of that of the Jesus of the Gospels.

The Hiram Key.

Another 'historical conspiracy' work along the lines of 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' is the ‘Hiram Key,’ written by two Freemasons, Knight and Lomas, and offers a much more credible theory than Baigent's. Simply put, Knight and Lomas argue that the 'myth' of Hiram Abiff which is taught to all Freemasons in their first three degrees reveals the truth of both the historical lineage at the centre of Solomonic cultism, ‘and’ it’s priestly hierarchy. Much is revealed by the fact that etymologically (the historical roots of words) the term 'Hiram Abiff (Hiram: King, Abiff: secret, lost. hidden) is not a name but a title.

Secret King

I find it much more credible that within Freemasonry is a 'secret king' whose lineage is as Knight and Lomas argue; that of the Egyptian / Phonecian magickal aristocracy. Solomonic temple cultism / ritualism of course has absolutely nothing to do with resistance against the religious and economic establishment; on the contrary, it is exactly the opposite, it is about living in submission and obedience to such archons.

Power, Money and Esoteric (Secret) Knowledge.

What defines Freemasonry is the use of magick for the purpose of the acquiring power, money and esoteric knowledge; that was hardly the agenda of the numerous anti-establishment Jesus archetypes whom the Gospels were based upon.


Bear in mind also that Moses as described in the Torah was allegedly an anti-monarchist and a republican; he set up a non-monarchic system of 12 elected judges who in turn ruled over other judges. The period of Judges allegedly existed for 400 years or so after the alleged Egyptian slave revolution; it is not until Saul, David and his son Solomon that the Israelites reverted to tyranny (monarchy).'Solomon' is clearly portrayed as an 'evil king' whose religious faith represented everything that Moses had rebelled against, and who again instigated human sacrifice cultism (1 Kings 11: 7) and Phoenician Temple worship; whereas Moses and Joshua had a habit of raising such temples to the ground and submitting the priesthood and their cultists to genocide. By the time of the reformist king Josiah (who was executed by Pharaoh for executing the priesthood and the temple prostitutes, burning all idols, etc), the religion of the Israelites bore no resemblance to the Mosaic reforms and was little different to the cults of the surrounding regions; the fact that Pharoah could summon and execute Josiah for his religious reforms gives an insight into where the real religious and political power in the region lay.

The King of all the World.

For every slave a master and for every master a slave.

If one accepts Knight and Lomas's arguments, it would appear that 'Solomon' was merely a 'puppet' king and that the 'real king' was an Egyptian / Phoenician magician / priest. The Book of Kings describes Hiram Abiff as a Pheonecian, but Knight and Lomas offer argument that he was in fact an Egyptian; either way his influence over the Israelites was not that of a fellow Israelite, but of a devotee of a ‘foreign (gentile)’ religion. Further extend this to the modern world and it would appear that the various public Grand Masters of the various Masonic rites and the various heads of states of the Capitalist world are little more than 'puppets' for the King of all the World whose 'lineage' has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus and Mary Magdalene; on the contrary.


The idea that the world is ruled by a very different set of persons that we read about in the press is a common belief held by numerous modern conspiracy theorists and historians; and it is a central theme of Freemasonry. We do not live in the 'republics' and 'monarchies' that many think we do, our political leaders must pay homage to the King of Kings; we live in an economic dictatorship ruled by an anonymous and hidden tyrant of tyrants, a magician (spiritualist) who represents all that the Christians, Muslims and Jews consider to be the Anti-Christ, Ad Dijall, Anti-Messiah.

The Great Work of the Ages

It is commonly held by those who study secret societies that there is a general agenda for a ‘New World Order,’ a global neo-fascist police state, a one world government, a one world banking system, etc, along with global depopulation. However this would not be a ‘democracy’ nor a ‘republic,’ irrespective of whether there is any electoral process; it would simply be a dictatorship which represents the ‘Great Work of the Ages’ of the cult of the secret king.

On the last occasion that I went on a tour of London’s Grand Lodge, I discussed this matter briefly with the curator who was giving the tour; I asked him if he considered the Masonic Grand Master of Masters to be the Masonic equivalent of the Christian messiah; his reply was an instant ‘Of course.’ This matter is hardly now a secret.


2000 years ago the Israelite Diaspora spread throughout the Hellenic world, however many of these individuals were Hellenic converts; the concept of an 'Israelite race' was one that would have been anti-thetical to evangelical Israelites who sought to proselytise and 'covert;’ however today it is Jews of European descent who discriminate against Semites (such as the ‘Arabs’) and Semitic Jews. You will not find a single image however of any Egyptian slave depicted on the walls of Egypt who looks like the current blond haired, non-Semitic president of Israel; Pharaoh many have been an imperialist but he certainly did not capture German and Scandinavian slaves. What you will find in Egyptian art is a record of slaves of African (i.e., black Nubians) and North African Semitic appearance. 2000 years ago the Israelites in Israel would have been Semites (i.e., of Arabic appearance)

2000 years ago, among the Israelite diaspora, in a rather brutal warlike, imperialistic ‘slave’ society with an extreme division between the slavemasters and the common people in the Hellenic world, the Israelite faith, like the early Christian faith in it’s first 300 years would have appealed to those who were at the bottom of the economic food chain. With a new extended family and often a new name, they would have found not only a faith but love and companionship and acceptance irrespective of social class in a faith originating in ‘slave revolution,’ whose prophets were not divine emperors but rather those who cried out against the tyrants and oppressors of the poor of their age.

In summary, a central problem I have with Dan Brown and Baigent’s racial ‘Jesus lineage’ theory is that it creates confusion about a very important issue. 2000 years ago the Israelites were racially of Semitic / African origin; whereas modern Freemasons, even those who claim to be of Jewish descent, are predominately racially Aryan / European; (i.e., they are not of Arabic / Semitic appearance).

Anti-propertyism / anti-monetarism (i.e., Communism) cannot be genetically inherited, it is an ideology. If within Freemasonry the ‘King of all the World’ was a Semitic anti-propertyist / anti-Capitalist who sought the liberation of the motherland (Africa) and the economic liberation of humanity from the slavery of Capitalism, the world today would be a very different world; it is simply not the case. The King of all the World has absolutely nothing to do with the ideological legacy of the revolutionaries of ancient Israel of the ilk of Jesus and the prophets; on the contrary the King of the World represents all that Jesus and the prophets hated, despised and cursed.

The origins of Solomonic magick have nothing to do with Jesus; they are much more ancient. See Graham Hancock – ‘Fingerprints Of The Gods,’ , in which he contends that the Egyptian culture is a remnant of an ancient and highly advanced civilisation which was destroyed in the last cataclysm (approx 10,000 B.C).

See also, Michael Tsarion - Atlantis, Alien Visitation And Genetic Manipulation


Tyrants, economic slavemasters and oppressors of the poor have often claimed to represent some historical martyr whom their forefathers murdered. They who are most evil must disguise themselves as good.

Global Resistance

Although currently infiltrated and controlled to an extent by the cult of the King of all the World, it is the Communist / anti-Capitalist movement, the 911 truth movement, the neo-pagan movement and temporarily the militant Islamic movement which in my judgement has the power to undermine and resist his rule, and in the end they shall and must defeat him; however not without global nuclear war and rivers of blood; the King of all the world cannot be expected to simply surrender.

Love and LightL


War, Revolution….anything good but strong, etc.

References: further reading on Freemasonry, the Kabbalah, Solomonic Temple ritualism, ritual magick and on the ‘alternative history’ of ancient civilisations: a good collection for any researcher of the ancient mysteries can be found by following the links on the The Temple of Knowledge forum on:

‘Perhaps the greatest myth of all is that myths are just myths’
Michael Tsarion.
Jesus is identified in Mark as a τεκτων (tekton) and in Matthew as the son of a tekton. Like most people at the time, he presumably was trained by his parent in the family trade. Tekton has been traditionally translated into English as "carpenter", but is a rather general word (from the same root that gives us "technical" and "technology") that at the time could cover makers of objects in various materials, and builders, from tent makers to stonemasons

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