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Freemasons try to trace their lineage everywhere it seems.

Originally they were founded in Babylon. Then it became "Jewish" and they claimed to have worked with King Solomon, et al. Then the Templars and perhaps even the Cathars were counted among their ranks.. Now they try to link themselves to the Essenes.. The list goes on..

It seems people take every gnostic group in the world and try to link it to them. Is it all merely propaganda on their part?

If they're trying to fulfill some divine plan by building a world kingdom, it has to be passed off as "Gods" work, right?

Masons in Europe once tried to propagate that Europeans were the lost tribes of Israel. Masonic Mormons in America claim the lost tribes came here, and thus America is "sacred" land with a divine "destiny". Then of course, there's the DaVinciCode propaganda; if the French Kings married into Jesus' line, it certainly lends some credibility to European monarchs.

Anything to sympathize with the billions of religious folks who are anticipating a messiah..

However, if Freemasonry truly traces its lineage to Babylon, it sort of changes all that - doesn't it?

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