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Originally Posted by steevo View Post
That COULD be right....maybe. If that is true, I dont think that it was planned that way from the BEGINNING. The cat is out of the bag on 911 and on lots of other subjects.

I see it like this, people are waking up, so the Illuminati bring in their contingency plan for such an event which they knew would eventually come. I could be wrong though. Rik Clay SEEMS to think that 911 was MEANT to be exposed cos they had to bring in the changes by 2012 (in other words they had to do it before a particular date). Which COULD be true...maybe.

Rik Clay was a theorist IMO. Yes he had SOME evidence but he also used theories based on no evidence. Rik was NOT right on everything IMO (but who is right on everything?)
He thinks that the Illuminati (who start wars which kills millions of people) are doing for the do for the benefit of humanity.
I still wanna see some videos of Rik just so that i know that he even existed. I'm sure he DID exist but I just wanna make sure.
I don't think as I said in my previous post, because of something Rik said. I don't remember anything he said about 911, except the numbers 9 and 11. I believe as I do, because it simply makes sense to me. I think they planned the truth to be out a lot sooner, perhaps a few years ago, but people are too pig-headed and passive to completely expose 911.

Where did Rik say that Illuminati are doing it's things for the benefit of humanity?

Keep up your research on Rik. I think he existed, but you can never be too certain. I've considered the possibility he was only something used to introduce us to Project Bluebeam. But I prefer to think if him as a fallen hero.
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