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Cybernetics and the 'Mechanisation of the Central nervous System'

I finished watching truth stream medias documentary 'the minds of men' yesterday which delves into the murky world of the CIA's MKUltra mind control programmes which were exposed in the 1970's. They trace the history of MKUltra back to its beginnings and then forward through cybernetics to the transhumanist world of today where we are are regularly seeing news stories now, even in the mainstream media, such as the following:

Elon Musk wants to wire a chip into your skull…
Neuralink is one of the companies founded by Elon Musk. His plan for the company is to ‘save the human race’. The idea behind saving humanity is to build a hard drive that can be implanted in the brain.
What is Elon Musk’s goal?
Elon Musk’s main goal, he explains, is to wire a chip into your skull. This chip would give you the digital intelligence needed to progress beyond the limits of our biological intelligence. This would mean a full incorporation of artificial intelligence into our bodies and minds.

'The minds of men' explores the history of psychosurgery and how they experimented on subjects by placing electrodes into their brain which they would stimulate sometimes even going as far as using the electrodes to burn sections of the brain to create 'lesions'. This was of course always done under the guise of faux-morality where they concealed the true intentions of finding ways to control and pacify people by claiming they were working to cure disorders of the mind

Elon Musk too claims his actions are to 'save humanity' but what if humanity actually needs saving from the likes of elon musk? Mark Zuckerberg is another working on a neural implant and the ethics of facebook have been called into question a number of times in recent times so are we to trust their motives?

Watching the surgeons seeking to stimulate centres of the brain brought to my mind a number of related clips i've seen elsewhere for example one of a scientist discussing the parasite toxoplasmosis which enters the hosts body and travels to their brain where it then controls centres of the brain for example in rats it will make them attracted to cat urine which inevitably leads to them being eaten by cats who then excrete the parasite in feces so that it can then move onto another host. The scientist mentions that the US military is involved in research into toxoplasmosis. Its been found that many humans involved in motorcycle crashes have high amounts of toxoplasmosis in their brains which can switch off the fear function:

Robert Sapolsky Interview: Toxoplasmosis

The other clip that came to mind was one that claimed to be a lecture given in the pentagon in which nanotechnology released as an aerosol can soak through peoples skin and then target centres of the brain to switch of 'religious extremism'. Clearly there is interest among the audience in terms of its application in the middle east. But lets consider that such a technology could be sprayed from aircraft onto a target population and then could soak through their skin

Leaked Pentagon Video Shows Vaccine Designed to ~ Modify Behavior ~

Obviously not all people are willing to have one of musk's or zuckerberg's neural implants installed in their brain so the cabal must look for other delivery systems. Bill gates for example has researched using mosquitos as a delivery system for his vaccines as they are essentially syringes with wings and vaccines would of course provide a perfect delivery system for nanotechnology because they have that all important cover story of the faux-morality cause of 'combating disease'.

Is there any evidence of nanoparticulates in vaccines? Well along with talk of 'smart dust' in the independent media a husband and wife team of scientists in Italy did run tests in vaccine and have found nanoparticulates in the vaccines. They claim they are only found in vaccines for humans and not in the vaccines for animals so clearly they are not caused by the manufacturing process but are instead put into the vaccines. Could these nanoparticles be nanotechnology created to target the human brain? Well consider the fact that after the scientists announced their findings publically they were raided by the Italian police who confiscated all of their research:

Nanoparticles polluting vaccines - Stefano Montanari & Antonietta Gatti

The first hour of 'the minds of men' sets the scene but after that it moves into mind control and behaviour modification and that's where the documentary really starts to get interesting. So at 1 hour 55 mins it begins to look at the work of stimulating the brain with electrodes which strikes a cord today as we hear calls for neural implants! (see documentary posted below). The rockefellers are mentioned a number of times as funders of the research and at 2 hours 55 mins the film speaks about how the CIA scientists colluded with the soviets who were working on their own mind control programmes. This would of course have been in breach of the cold war policy of the US at that time.

Implants are called 'stimoceivers' and are mentioned after 2 hours 35 mins

Part 4: the psychocivilised society, explores the true motivations of those behind these programmes and a Dr, who exposed their work in the press, claims in interview that the researchers were motivated by a desire for a collectivist society. He discusses how psychiatry claimed that people were at fault so that they never had to admit that the mental health of people suffers when they are anxious or distressed which can be caused by environmental factor such as poverty or pressure or circumstances. Instead the doctors preferred to claim the persons brain was at fault and therefore needed to be altered either with drugs or through technology. In essence the CIA sought to control people rather than improve society

''The complete joining of man and machine [...] will be calculated according to a strict system, the so called 'biocracy'. It will be impossible to escape this system of adaptation because it will be articulated with so much scientific understanding of the human being. The individual will have no more need of conscience and virtue; his moral and mental furnishings will be a matter of the biocrats decisions.''
-Jacques Ellul, The technological Society

The Minds of Men | Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes

As we see the roll out of 5G technology begin and elon musk awarded contracts to launch satellites into space through his company 'space X' which will then bathe the world in 5G wifi and as we see the attempts by Gateshead Council to silence the activist Mark Steele for warning people about the harmful effects of microwave radiation from 5G technology I can't help but think that 5G is simply an outgrowth of the cybernetic research covered in 'the minds of men'

Is it possible that we already have nanotechnology in our brains which the 5G antennas would then be able to activate and control? This would certainly remove the need for people to have a neural implant physically implanted into their brain which would of course be rejected by many people.

Would they really do such a thing? Well google which has its roots in the pentagon and DARPA is already openly working on tech that can turn you into a walking antenna (see clip below) and who really doubts that the powers that be would not relish the prospect of hijacking peoples minds? 'To what end' some might ask? I dread to think

RFID Tattoo and the Authorization Super Pill
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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