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Originally Posted by wwu777 View Post
Don't you guys know that Rik Clary died 4 days after doing an interview on Red Ice Creations?

On it he mentioned that project bluebeam would be used to fake an alien invasion at the 2012 olympics in London.

Was that what got him killed?

He was too smart and awakened to commit suicide. Come on now. Why would some of you fall for that?

The question is: Why do people like him get killed, but David Icke and Alex Jones are allowed to yack away?

Could it be because Icke and Jones are controlled somehow, either knowingly or unknowingly?

Plus, why would they kill Rik? It's not like he was reaching masses of people.

There are many bloggers like him out there. So why him?

You can listen to his last interview on YouTube by the way. Many versions of it were uploaded.
The reason why Icke is still alive is because he understands how this 'reality' works. The reason why Alex is still alive is because he's only helping in feeding the Illuminati. Because he keeps people in a state of fear, anger and just basically all low vibrations.
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