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Originally Posted by primordialman View Post
Try and look past your tribalism, many in this fora claim they are enlightened and open minded &tolerant and have thus put national borders and racial loyalty behind them, yet they cant even seem to get past the petty Nationalist style tribalism of supporting their nations military no matter what!
They remind me of hooligan sports fans baying for blood of any that dont barrack for their team its mob mentality stupidity pure & simple and some cant even see past it just like you!. Some will never be true individiuals and never be able to think for themselves they are group think ignormouses!.
You assume many things about me, and they are all wrong. I do not support
war, I am not even an american, I live in Belgium as you can see below my
avatar, and Belgian military does not do combat.

I am not a patriot in any way, in fact I could care less about my country, it
is one big mess of political conflict and overcomplicated regulations. We have
not had a government in almost five months now, because they just can't
get along with eachother.

Calm down a little, and stop assuming things, all I said was that many soldiers
have no intention to cause harm, they will do what they can to prevent from
causing harm, and if they are forced to kill another being, they are very often
completely devastated by it. There are many kind boys and girls who only join
the military because it is the only job available in their area, so they can
choose between living on the street, starving and freezing, or joining the

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