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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
I would be interested in HIV-positive victims doing “anonymous” HIV-tests. I’m especially interested in HIV-positive victims on PrEP. PrEP is specifically forbidden for HIV-positive victims, while people on PrEP they are obligated to go regularly to the doctor for a check-up.
Of course PrEP has adverse effects so I don’t advise anybody to poison themselves with it.

Don't believe anybody. And especially don't believe anything some anonymous forum member posts...
Do your own investigation and be critical. Not being sure is natural (this is not a symptom of mind control!).

I agree that in time a vaccine will be “approved”…
Isn’t it great: these unreliable HIV-tests supposedly test for HIV-antibodies. When somebody has HIV-antibodies this supposedly is a sure sign of coming disaster.
But for years they are trying to get a vaccine “approved” that will make the body make HIV-antibodies to protect against AIDS!

For argument’s sake, the WHO simply takes the number of supposedly HIV-positive victims, and then multiplies this with some factor in a really “scientific” way…
If you have followed the beginning of this thread, the way they test the HIV virus isn't about identifying the virus. They look for antigen which is created after you have been infected. So far so good. BUT! the antigen they are using to identify differs from country to country (!?) Then they say that the antigen in question isn't specifically connected to HIV either so you could potentially have a flu and your body creates that antigen. When you test for HIV, you get identify as HIV+ve.

Now, if you are following this scenario and if I have interpretted correctly, my logic tells me that this HIV assay test doesn't cut the mustard seed.

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