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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
So dum, da, y'all think HIV virus is FAKE?
I'm asking because I don't know what to think...
It's real. The number of new infections in the US hasn't changed much in the last few decades. That means the only way to reduce this is via a prophylactic vaccine. Sadly, every attempt to create one has failed for a host of reasons like it is able to rapidly mutate, raising neutralising antibodies against it is very hard, etc. But in time I do think one will be approved. A number of trials are ongoing and encouraging data have been presented
''Chlorine is a deadly poison gas employed on European battlefields in World War I. Sodium is a corrosive metal which burns upon contact with water. Together they make a placid and unpoisonous material, table salt. Why each of these substances has the properties it does is a subject called chemistry'' - Carl Sagan

Why is it that the loudest critics of ''Big Pharma'' are Big Placebo?

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