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Originally Posted by moonflower View Post
Had to go to A&E the other night as was suffering from quite bad palpitations, they done a trace and checked BP, no real cause for concerns. Doc said I might need to go to GP and go on beta blockers. Now I sit here and can still feel every now and again a thump in my chest. I don't notice it when out and about, only when sitting quietly and it feels like my heart is stopping too long, then it jumps back into a normal beat, but with a thump. I know it's coming as I feel a fluttery feeling in my chest. I can also sort of induce it by stopping my breathing and it does it almost straight away, but if I speed my breathing up it hardly does it.

I've been suffering a lot of stress lately and have tried slow breathing etc and seem to be a bit better now but still get this thump. Is there any herbal remedies or anything I can try to help with this irregular beat, before going to quacks?


M this dude has great stuff.
If it is stress then herbs might help.
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