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Originally Posted by the mighty zhiba View Post
Satan is a personality, nothing more.

Satan is an illusary construct, within an illusary reality, and as such only has any power (percieved or otherwise) within the illusion.

Personality is a mask, that is worn within the matrix to illicit a response.

For instance: f you see John Doe in the street, you see a person and you may not think anything else about it. If you see John Doe wearing a policeman's uniform, and he asks you to show you some documents, you may show him the documents or not - and depeninf on what choice of action you take may determine how John interacts with you while he is wearing the mask of an officer of the law.

John Doe may have children at home, and when he is with his children, he will adopt another rmask. He has a mask for his home life, even wearing a different mask for his wife than he does for his kids or his parents. He has a mask he wears at work, and he has a mask when he is doing his shopping.

All the masks, and thei back stories relate to a certain aspect of John Doe.

When David talks about satan 1 / 2 /3 or whatever, he is talking about the mask of a single personality. And even beyond that, Satan can be whomever he wants to be as he has the ability to be a creator being.

All of the personalities David describes may be aspects of one being.

There may be more aspects to be unmasked.

As one comes to understand things, the deeper the understanding goes, the more layers one has discovered toward that exploration.
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