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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
Fuck .....this....shit. give a muppet a clue and they're just too thick to understand. Now we are into the realms of making brand new molten god with bells on ..with new acme lowgrav auto impregnated vesicles added with non earth water isotopes.Then acme helium 3 impregnaters...magic zap pit makers....magic machines to make them impregnated with billions of years of solar exposure....magic rock ageing machines to make some of them older than earth rocks.

Enough. You've dragged my brain down to your level enough. Need to get away from the ignorance.
No. We. Won't fuck anything. I still require, sorry, I think we all require YOU to explain WHY WE CANNOT MAKE LUNAR ROCKS ON EARTH.

you don't think helium 3 isn't trapped in the earth's compostion?, you're sure they can't introduce 'non-earth water isotopes' into (whatever) compound they wish? do you know the relationship between tritium and helium 3? do you know how absorption works?

IF the whack theory is correct then it's safe to assume that a lot of the moon's surface began life here on earth? "as above, so below"

so 'true' group(is there more of you?, oh dear god, please no) methinks you're too afraid to admit that we could construct lunar materials here on earth because that would mean admitting there's a possibility, regardless of how small, that the moon itself is a construct and your self-touching-pleasure site ( could be wrong, and could be full of shit.

this admittance would lead to you being wrong (again) yet this time readers would realise just how wrong (again) you are.

so, you are actually saying that there is absolutely no chance that man could feasibly manufacture, create, construct anything akin to lunar surface material here on earth, either now or in the past?

(apologies dear heart, but 'moon rock' don't cut it for me any longer, as most search engines brings up recipes for dope!)
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