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Default "Truth Vibrations" Ch. 9 Pg. 121 (1991)

I couldn't find a PDF of Truth Vibrations anywhere on the Web so I copied this passage from my own paperback copy. What Icke states in the paragraphs below should answer a few queries that people have brought up repeatedly in this thread and others pertaining to his writing style.

After seven months of intensive spiritual education and guidance from some very highly-evolved beings, I now understand something of the changes the earth and ourselves are going through, but there is still an enormous amount that I still do not know. It is also clearer to me why these books are being written and what they are intended to achieve. With every book my consciousness, my ability to understand what is happening and why, will be opened wider, as will my eternal memory. This is, apparently, deliberate. They could have contacted me years ago and taken me much further along the remembering process before I was launched into print. They didn't because that is not the way they have chosen to bring the message before the world. Each successive book will be more detailed and go deeper into the creation and evolution of life and the transition we are going through.

I have no doubts whatsoever that some of what I have said in terms of detail I will modify in future books. That is unavoidable in the circumstances in which I am working. The idea is for the readers to grow with me as my knowledge and understanding is increased at each stage of the programme agreed and set out before I incarnated.
"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." -- Carl Jung
"The educated person is one who knows how to find out what he does not know" -- George Simmel

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