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Originally Posted by Volker View Post
why bother with the conspiracy theory and just just go for infinite love if everything else is an illusion why give it your attention.

With infinite love you can trancsend all the things David puts forward, the conspiracy information will never end, the rabbit hole is infinite as it's expressions go beyond just this planet, solar system, galaxy and dimension. You can not possibly know it all, better of going in the other direction of infinite love than battling with the ever moving shadow of fear a suspicion based conspiracy knowledge.

Then you work with the flow of the universe and it's natural laws.

Investigate the physiological effects of negative fear and suspicion based info and it's effect on you hoilistacly. Then investigate the opposite of this and choose which path to take.
See I agree with this, what I was saying earlier.Icke really does focus on the negative a lot which feeds it, but paradoxically as the tealady says a lot of people dont understand it and the information should be made available to people who dont know about it. I think people who already know about the conspiracy shouldnt focus on it too much and feed it with anger etc. but then sometimes its difficult to not say anything

The amount of materialist atheists around that serve the system and buy everything the mainstream tells them, and actively promotes it Ive just gave up on. If you beleive the establishments absurd story about 9/11 and not only that belittle or attack anyone who questions it with ' your just a tinfoilt hat wearer' etc. then your a lost cause and Ive really no respect for them. The hive mind mentality of the accepted reality played out by the media is shocking, on facebook groups, reddit, most mainstream internet forums its all the same materialst atheist repeaters of the established stories. I used to think it was looking up but now im not so sure and Ive just gave up and dont even bother getting into things with them.

A friend said to me, when talking about flat earth and how it was challenging mainstream science with similiar scientific arguments, it doesnt matter if the earth is flat or not this reality is secondary to the spiritual and as Volker says we should try and focus on the infinite love moreso than the evils of the world because it isnt healthy. Realised im just repeating what I said earlier in the thread, sorry off on a tangent again...
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