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Quite right , but think about it...David arranges public air time re 5G, PTB rub their hands in glee...yes let's put the"Queen-is-a Lizard" Man on TV...perfect, Joe Public think he's a weirdo anyway, this will simply confirm it, anaesthetise all outcries to 5G techno.

You must begin to Think like THEY do.

Better this is cascaded to David's media figures in common consciousness to stand up and say something, doesn't matter who...Russell Brand, Noel Edmonds, Stephen Fry, Jamie Oliver, Corbyn, Ant & Dec, Madonna, Ricky Gervaise who cares ? Any or all of the above list could boost their flagging careers on the strength of this. But the message gets out ( for those brave enough to voice it). I bet Bono/ Geldof/ and other professional false flaggers won't say a word.

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