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Originally Posted by stockstalker View Post
There's too much pseudo-scientific BS on these boards. While the stuff presented by physicist Nassim Haramein has certain validity to it, he seems like a rather clueless and idealistic figure.

Did you know that Thomas Edison didn't actually invented the incandescent light bulb that we came to knew? Some other poor, idealistic inventor did, thinking he wanted to make a better world with it. Along comes Thomas, who rapes and pillages the inventor for his idea. Now the world only knows Thomas Edison = light bulb. The hero was the one the world had forgotten.

So, in a sense, it also seems that Nassim is an idealistic simpleton, much like the poor chap, who worked on the light bulb, or the other poor chap who worked on Napster and had his idea stolen while he was napping. Nassim doesn't take into account the reality of human nature.
if we require a chemical mixture of peptides to experience our thoughts
and that mixture is stored in each of our cells = DNA

Then we share all past thoughts of everyone in our genealogy, on a chemical basis without the understanding of words given to understand the chemical mixture.

If my grandmother knew natural ways of healing, and my mother shared the same talent, I would institutionally develop the same gift because it would be in my DNA.

IF we started off as Adam and Eve then who had the original thought about anything? There is no such thing as discovering something on your own, you couldn't. YOu need the experience of bumping into other forms of reality to recognize who you are or what anything really is. If there ever was a good idea, trust without doubt somebody else already thought about it and maybe 100 years before you even thought of the idea yourself.

A good idea that POPS into your head - somebody probably was trying to educate you for years and you just "GOT IT" when you were by yourself lol.

We are all one, one mind thinking it's many. We suffer from multiple personality disorder lol.
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