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Originally Posted by vreeswijk View Post
great thread.

the only way we are ever going to find out if we have the ability to use our consciousness to influence the fabric of "reality" is if we actively apply our thoughts towards this goal. reading books will not verify this, and simply doubting it without sincere experimentation will not disprove it.

so why not actually start working to focus on making things better and evolving through the application of better thinking/feeling?
I don't think we understand what better thinking "is" yet.

good intentions has done plenty of damage to this planet yet we are unaware of it yet. How we think is very important, it is what will bring the shift but we have to realize that it starts with YOU. You can't convince anyone else what to think or if it is good or bad = meaning the best way to think is without judgment. We all have something positive to offer the planet, EACH ONE OF US is a piece of a huge puzzle and what appears to be wrong at first might be the answer we've all been looking for.

so in my opinion when the entire globe stops judging others then we will be on the right track. HARD THING TO DO.
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