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Originally Posted by stockstalker View Post
Scientists also discovered a link between lung cancer and wearing leather shoes...
you're down on scientists?

Science has gotten it wrong for years, but they are the one's looking into explanations of what's really going on. I believed in God and if he's here he sucks at showing up. Government sucks, organizations working on world peace appear to be sucking. BUT there are some scientists that are saying completely different science, it's pretty interesting and makes a ton of sense. But as usual it is missing important information and that's because they are only peaces of a hug puzzle.

science is now saying YOU hold more information then any tools they can create. Science is only a reflection of what we think we know about ourselves. Computers are designed exactly as the way our brains work, or the way we think our brains work. Now they are getting into the quantum sciences and everything we thought to be true turns out is completely false. Science is now saying everything is wrong, - not so much that it's wrong but it's only part of a bigger picture.

I love my science
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