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Originally Posted by godgoo View Post
It would have to be a very refined system with zero=0 loss. I dont think it would be possible. it would have to be a system where there was no enthalpy and zero entropy. and it would be too cold. The only reason why we humans feed and other species feed. Is obviously to grow so we need more material, but also to balance the energy within our biological system. in essence a human being or any other life form is acting as some sort of vaccum. Which maybe it has to be. Or cognition would cease. and we would be inanimate. Maybe we need the constant flow of energy to become animate. I believe it is the very processes of ingestion and excretion of materials, which makes us animate. as the flow of energy is electrostatic.
we are only as hard wearing as our first ionization energies. On the micro scale.
Metaphysics by Default Existential Passage
Metaphysics by Default Existential Passage
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