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Evolution does not favour the "strong" though, it favours those "perceived" as weak. An ecosystem is only as strong as its weakest link. So the lion is far more dependent on the gazelle than the gazelle is the lion. The lion is kind of the weakest link.

If the submissive grazing herds were to all die off, the lion would follow shortly after it, they'd have nothing to eat, but if lions were to die off the grazing herds would flourish, but the quality of the herd would weaken and taper off probably.

The good thing the lion provides for the gazelle is its focus on breeding, within the herd is also a hierarchy, better genetics, stamina etc, the lion provides a consequence to lax breeding.

I would say the ability to evolve is the strongest link in any species, and the prey is always alert and prepared for its environment to suddenly change. The predator will expect its environment to never change, and has a very hard time when it does, many are threatened with extinction because of their refusal to adapt.

Bruce Lipton is freaking awesome btw

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