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nice posts ladies.

here is Lipton on a 2000 vid

(google video doesn't work today?)
I understand what bruce is talking about here. I can understand why the cell still functions when the nucleus is missing. Because the functions of the cell are electrostatic catalytic. Meaning that it just goes and goes until the circuit is broken. I doubt though that transcription could occur with the nucleus missing, so I doubt the cell could divide. There would still be mitochondrial DNA present. But as for translation and transcription the cell would be useless at maintenance and repair. So genes I would have to agree are responsible. Without the nucleus there would be no tRNA, mRNA rRNA so there would essentially be no way of producing peptides. Other words there would be no expression at all (only an auotomotion). Once a cell has reached functionality then it remains functional until the circuit is broken, when peptides are mutated and functionality is impaired. And thus is destroyed by the quality control systems within the cell. So without DNA the cell is a ticking time bomb. And without DNA the life time of a cell would be simply dictated by chance as any energy at any time could interveine with cognition. Without DNA energy can not be balanced.

everyone knows that the environment expresses our genes, it's called phenotypic variabilty. So it is no secret all genes of all species express other species genes. It's like bruce stated in another interview. About the fight or flight principal. I think I can follow bruce here on many aspects. An example of this, why a gazelle remains an erbivore while the cheetah remains a carnivore, This is phenotypic variabilty as the cheetahs genes are directly expressing the gazelles into submission. In essence falling prey to the cheetah. I think there is a long way to go. To fully understand what is going on. So submission I believe will express our genes into being more submissive and falling prey to other dominant energies. So I sit and wonder why is it that a system, which can produce a dominant energy such as a lion and a submissive energy, such as a gazelle? Why wouldn't this all be being waged out by carnivorous species? Why the submissive species? Can't they get their shit together? unless obviously they are being acted upon. Or wouldn't everything be eating grass? It does seem as though, as one contracts the other expands, so the submissive giving rise to the dominant?

I think the conscious energies here can be split into three categories, carnivorous, erbivorous and omnivorous. omnivorous being neutral.

The only way to stop the cell from functioning as bruce must know is to remove the powerplant, not the brain. The mitochondria. This will stop catalys
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Metaphysics by Default Existential Passage
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