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Originally Posted by abrilliantone View Post
Don't worry about it tin. Because either he/she is a straight moron. Or is a undercover troll. Noticed how fiercely he/she defended Alan Watt who in my opinion is a misinfo agent. So which one is it spirit moron or troll?
but what if.......
what if this is really a holographic movie and you are the writer, producer and editor. You are the master of your own game. Why would you talk to another human being like that, what has you hating so much? Why are you here and not watching sports, for fking your dog? Why do the words moron and troll come into your mind? Why the focus on morons and trolls, if you hate them so much, why are you here? What do non moron's and non trolls do? Why aren't you smart enough to go play with them? Are you a MORON OR TROLL?

Just asking, needed a little comedy in my own illusion here....
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