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Originally Posted by tinmenace View Post

A lot of gems in that video, but the thing that struck me the most was what Tsarion says at 4:13, "...consciousness changes your DNA...consciousness changes reality...consciousness changes biology..."

Our DNA doesn't define us. WE define our DNA! It's up to us, each person individually. It's a do-it-yourself affair.

We create our reality, and this includes our biology. Consciousness is infinitely capable of anything.

It makes perfect sense!

For those of you that are struggling to understand that you CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY via your CONSCIOUSNESS, please go over the above information very carefully. Once you've watch the videos, and connected the dots, maybe then you'll understand why the only way to win the battle against the Illuminati is with fine-tuned consciousness and NOT sitting around discussing them for another thousand years.

If you still refuse to grasp this concept, please show some respect to those of us that do. Please refrain from judging us through your biased filters and calling US self-righteous and insulting.

The hypocrisy is astounding.


I must have missed you. I'm new to this forum but have checked it out from time to time. David Icke is definitely onto how reality is being created, he has posted a link to Dr. Vernon Woolf's books on holodynamics, which I read last summer


I haven't read any posts to this thread PLEASE FORGIVE ME PEOPLE I'm a little excited.

I'm looking for a home, it's lonely out here. Everyone looks completely insane, while they actually think I'm totally insane. I can't complain because it's paying me $1300 a month, more then what I was making in a factory 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. For a bunch of smart people - thy're pretty dumn. I'm just not crazy enough to be satisfied with that level of income, I don't do poverty well and I'm determined to make some improvements.

My challenge seems to be marketing this product idea. I can easily get this business idea off the ground because now that I know how reality is created, (I know the psychology that works on us perfectly), I can pretty much sell anybody anything I want and create the new oil if I wanted to. I can't seem to do that, it's completely insane to earn more then I could spend in one life time. If I'm just creating my own story, this entire holographic movie(best damn virtual reality game in town) then watching kids suffer kind of makes me look pretty bad if I'm the riches guy in town and allow such an act to be allowed in MY STORY.

HERE IS MY GAME PLAN, this is my reality NOT YOURS. Feel free to make your reality about me to cause me pain, which you know perfectly well if you critisize me it will hurt me just as deeply as it hurts you when others do it to you. Trust without a doubt I will be hurt more deeply because I'm warning you ahead of time my life has been filled with torture, to disrespect me for changing my own personal story by calling me names or I'm crazy, or I have self serving purposes when I make my post - remember it is your story, your reality you are creating. I am just a figment of your imagination, these words you read are your own NOT MINE. There are a billion people on this planet, each having something to say. The chances of you bumping into me when I write this post means you are wanting to hear these words in your story - HOW DO YOU WANT TO LOOK IN YOUR STORY?

I would like to hear peoples wishes, if you could have 3 impossible wishes what would you wish for?

I personally wish for world peace. I want my 4 children to be happy, to love as deeply as possible and to feel love as deeply as possibly. I have great kids and when we are at our best, we are great people. We've all been through hell for the past 8 years. Their father fears me for some reason and refuses to pay support. To make it worse he keeps going to court without serving me and gained orders where I pay him support for the children who live in my home. He then has told my children lies and taught them how to disrespect me, making 8 years of raising them in poverty a challenge I can't describe but please imagine.

The only way to see my children experience the love they deserve, they need to experience it through their father - my enemy. I personally can't stop him, governments can't stop them while they support him so ultimately I need to flank the bugger and cure him of his DNA problems.

If the majority of people on this planet changes the way they know reality is created, then my EX will understand exactly what he is doing and he'll stop. Once you see what you are doing, there is no way you will continue the behavior because it will make you sick, repulsed to the point you can't live with the same patterns that only harm you. My point is my EX is not my enemy, it's time I make friends with evil. The only way my kids can experience happiness is by getting the love they deserve from their father, who has no idea about love so he can't create that in his story. He has passed that down to his DNA and these kids really know how to love but they can't send or receive it towards their father. This is my enemy folks, knowing the nature of reality I can see how to end all wars. I can see World Peace.

I know how to shift this entire planet within a 2 year time frame. Who wants to play? We have more money then the oil industry - It could be fun. World Peace means nobody looses, we all win. Everybody WINS, who'da thought.

now I'm guessing nobody has connected those dots yet, I haven't read all the posts and I might be repeating somebody else's realizations. SORRY if I have lol

with love
looking for a tribe to hang with.....
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