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Originally Posted by the mighty zhiba View Post
i had a Reiki master atunement, would have been around 2008 or something like that..... it ddn't agree with me at all, and i was in a pretty bad state afterwards.... i went to see a friend of mine who is a Reiki master and we meditated on it for a hour or so... i was out of my body, sitting next to a camp fire, it was dark, but i was aware of five Shaman sitting around the fire with me, their features just about visible in the light of the fire, one of them was my guide energy....

The Shaman to my left spoke to me and he kinda gestured with a movement of his head to a pile of something that was in the darkness behind us, he told me that 'they' had had to slaughter a lot of the livestock for the coming dark season as there wouldn't be enough food to keep them, and that their meat and skins would be needed to keep 'us' going...

This seemed to me to be a message to hunker down, take stock and rid myself of all that i didn't need...

My guide helped me to take those Reiki symbols out of my aura, later on. I've been told that you can't do that, but you can. i took them back to the woman who atuned me, detached from her and started the process of healing....


i think all the visions we have with our intuitive sight / third eye are messages, sometimes they are clear and sometimes we have to decode them, but that they are all very personal to each of us, it is difficut sometimes to decode a message for other, because the symbology to us may be different meaning to other
Thanks for sharing your story. Unfortunately, the 'phantom' shamen I saw was creeping towards me face to face, and I assumed attempting to drain or take my spirit or soul away. I was so terrified that I was paralysed sitting up in bed.

This was so long ago, that I dismissed it all as my imagination. It's just something I experienced, but can't fully explain it either. But it certainly allows me to be open minded towards supernatural or spiritual explanations.
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