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Red face little gray/silver men thingies?

Hiya *waves* I have been lurking for a while and had lots of problems logging in...but, i made it through to the other side

Love this site and the forum and have spent many nights reading lots of great posts!

I know it is my first post ~ but, I do have something to ask ~ When i started watching Dave's videos and reading some really great threads, it was like a portal (?) was opened in my mind. I had to stop watching the vids and reading posts for a couple of weeks cos one afternoon I had a nap and woke up in the state between being awake and still asleep and saw a little gray/silver man thing in my cupboard curled up with his/her head turned towards me. It was silver/gray and had a huge head with a pulsating forehead and little body. It disappeared once I was fully conscious. That night I also awoke and in the state between being awake and asleep, I saw the same thing with its mouth wide open in front of my face breathing cold air on me. The funny thing is that I didn't read anything about aliens whilst perusing the site. I wasn't afraid and told whatever it was to go away and no more sitings.

I am just curious if anyone else knows what this might have been? Would love to know if I have completely lost the plot or if there is a name for what i saw. It was so real and tangible...maybe I need to have a holiday?

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