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Originally Posted by raburgeson View Post
The sun is down and I can't show you with a picture. My truck had the window clean yesterday.

Today I had to run the windshield washers because of the fall out scum on it. I was going to show you the edge of the wiper area. People, your lungs are wet and you are breathing this fall out. Despite propaganda it does fallout that's why they spray every day, because it does not stay up there.

The nano particles are small enough to penetrate your cell walls, you are poisoned people. When is your self preservation going to kick in? Can probably get that pic up tomorrow.
The fat controllers have very craftily removed the majority of our self preservation and the true links with our earth and for the simple reason of the soft kill, today it's easier to kill en-mass from behind a computer or the cockpit of a plane, but, the atmosphere is the same for all who breath.

I have asked this question many times before, where are the reliable chemists who can independently anaylize the fallout, without such results we can talk until our lings are full.
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