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Originally Posted by techman View Post
David's breakdown of the attributes of Silent Weapons for a Quiet War is spot on, but I don't understand the part about education: "..teach below a sixth grade level with mathematics, economics...", That opinion is quite ignorant and is just a little wrong. What exactly should we be teaching in schools then?, to me the way subjects are taught and the level of them says there's nothing wrong with them. Are we suppose to learn kids PHd level chemistry in school or something?. Ask most people about education today and they'll say that education has got better and improved and that kids are doing better. And who says we are teaching below a sixth grade level?, just another ignorant opinion. We wouldnt have bright and intelligent people if that was the case, we'd all be walking around like dummies. Maybe I'm missing the point, I don't know. The quote regarding keeping the public attention away from things which matter, to matters of no real importance is another thing which I don't entirely agree with. Yes, lots of people are distracted with trivial issues which aren't important, but it's not as though we are like that all of the time. Most ordinary people have real, genuine issues to deal with day in day out, and they are constantly trying their best to cope with serious and important issues. Not everyone is glued to the TV set watching sports and going down the pub spending their whole afternoon there, nor is everyone addicted to their iphones and playstations every second.
lol, couldn't help myself...

edit: you might want to check out some historic sites...check out the prose and writing style and knowledge of people from the 1700's and 1800's. even people from the early 1900's had a really good knowledge base. people knew how stuff worked for example. fixing things was not a specialty. but, people now are plug and play. they don't know squat. ask the average guy to rewire his living room light or fix his busted car and he's lost. can't fix his computer. can't fix his tools. no self sufficiency anymore at all. yes, they are dumbed down. they have narrow specialties. and the worst of it is most of those specialties are not rocket science at all. most of the things people go to school for now is really low level stuff. the kind of things you just pick up doing the job. its become quite idiotic actually. i have a son that rebuilds computers for shits and giggles...writes code...all kinds of stuff. school? no...self taught. it runs in the family. we tend to do things for ourselves.

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