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Originally Posted by judgedread View Post
Cancer is the big number here since GMO's got invented but MJ does not cure it but might help with pain release and should be an option on the table along side morphine.

for multiple sclerosis i think it does indeed help and in many places you can get it on prescription

Not sure about autism but i think it maybe streaching the limits however i do know half our kids we are told now have ADHD and the state gives them ratalin, better known as speed to make them good little sheep.

People also talk to much on weed and today walls have ears or lets just say "Smart TV's" have ears, fact, check it out yourself
I know people who have been cured of cancer with cannabinoids. One older fellow made his colon cancer disappear by eating his son's medical marijuana extracts. Another caregiver I know was honored recently for helping to save the life of a teenage girl with advanced brain cancer. She was going to die in a few months according to the doctors but now years later she is doing well and her brain cancer is almost totally gone. Many more personal success stories are out there. Just look!
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