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Originally Posted by judgedread View Post
Yes, don't blame you and i think the new scunk weed is about 18% THC instead of 2% from the 1960's so i guess thats been GMO-ed already.

I still me own brandy, easy as pie and you just add sugar to 26lts of water and 48 hour yeast, leave for 3 days (Not 2) and heat up for about 4 hours in something that looks like a water heater that has cold water from the kitchen tap pumped to it.

The stuff that drips out the machine is 96% so you need to water it back down before adding a flaviour from a small bottle, jobs a good one.

you can pick up the electric stills on ebay at about £250 to hold 26ltrs of "Mash" and everything else needed so its sort of semi-legal

Excluding the bottle it cost about £3.00 for 750ml and thats at 45% which is too strong for most people and it tastes just as good as anything you can buy
Naw, it's not GMO. It's normal breeding of fine specimens. There are thousands of strains and to my knowledge they all contain natural genetics. Maybe Monsanto or someone is playing around with it that way but as far as I know all available strains are just developments of natural genetics from around the world.
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